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Kelayla's Transvista

Concerns about the Coronavirus and its effects on Kelayla’s Transvista Dressing & Makeover Service


I am sure that everybody has concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and how it affects my business.

The answer is simple that we are following the UK Government’s advice and taking considerable steps to ensure it is not spread by us. My attitude is that until we are told by the authorities to close our business then we will continue as we are. Transvista is not a large business with a large number of customers, usually just one person a day sometimes very occasionally two.  I appreciate that many will want to delay things purely due to the worries they may have about contagion, but others are willing to take a small risk for the fun of dressing, as indeed am I.

So for the foreseeable future I'm implementing the guidelines as follows:

  • The premises has to date been cleared of any infections.  Nobody has suffered any adverse effects or symptoms.  

  • All surfaces are sanitised after all dressing sessions and my premises is cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day

  • If I suspect anyone of having a temperature or a cough on arrival you will be politely asked to take a test. This purely precautionary

  • All brushes and applicators that come into contact are disinfected after their use.

  • Cosmetics have been divided into single use elements and the remains are binned after the dressing.

  • Clothing stock is being reduced to those that we can easily clean after a single wearing. This only leaves 6 double wardrobes!

  • Shoes are thoroughly sanitised after use as are wigs, prosthetics and jewellery

  • I personally take my temperature each day and if there is a variation of more than 0.5 degrees then I will have to cancel any bookings for that day and return any monies paid in deposits.

  • If the temperature returns to normal then we will realise this is just a blip due to any number of other conditions that can affect us. If it goes up again we will move into self-isolation.

  • Transvista  follows the Covid 19 advice from the Government regarding Employers and Employees.

Thank you for your understanding

Be safe and keep well



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