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Going Out in Public For The First Time


 When I initially started setting up the ‘Stepping Out’ experience

I was quite surprised at how little advice was out there for ‘girls’ there were certainly no terms of reference or any form of guidance.  So I used my own early past experiences and observation to help others develop an understanding and awareness of what to expect. 

The desire to go out in public for the very first time is a very

natural feeling, one of excitement but also apprehension. 

It is however very important that you have a long discussion with yourself about why you want to go out and what you really want to get out of it as well as what to expect.  Is it the case that you want to meet people, or perhaps you just want to take things a step further and get out of the confines of your isolated world of just dressing at home alone? For some it’s the fun of exhibitionism or just the thrill of walking a few metres in those high heels that have only ever walked on carpet before now.  For the more confident ‘girls’

it’s the thrill browsing in shops and clothes shopping.

You have to ask yourself do you really feel you’re ready for what can be a bit of an emotional roller-coaster the first time.  One of the first ‘Stepping Out’ dates with one my girls was literally a massive step for her. 

Usually we walk straight out from my place but on this occasion she was so nervous that we went out in her car together. 

We parked in a secluded park and as she was still very nervous

I suggested she all she should do was walk round the car from the

driver’s side to passenger seat whilst dressed.  

We chatted and I encouraged her but only to do it when she was ready and at her own pace, but it took her half an hour to pluck up the courage.

This was a month ago but you try to stop her going out now.  


That first step can be quite hard but beware of over thinking it too much. The mind games you can play with yourself are myriad. Approach it from the thought 'what is the most likely thing that may happen if someone sees me.


When you do manage to pluck up the courage to take that first step out you have to realise that all your senses and feelings will be on high alert. Everything is heightened; it can well be a real adrenaline rush. It’s quite an intense turn on especially as you are doing something a bit risqué and little bit naughty that is frowned on by some members of society. You will over-analyse the situation, and there’s every likelihood that you’ll think everyone is looking at you and noticing that you’re a transvestite. You will worry you will meet someone who you know and that you will be outed, and anyone who so much as looks in your direction you’ll think is a potential problem.  In my experience these things rarely ever happen and the negative thoughts you’ll experience on first stepping out will be only in your mind.

Let's just analyse what you are about to do here. Going out dressed in this day and age is far less daunting than it was say 15 years ago or more. Transvestism is on the border of almost becoming more mainstream and a vast majority of people now accept it as commonplace. The number of venues that welcome T-Girls has grown exponentially in the last few years.  As well as the number of dedicated actual T-Girl Venues.  So many more places including shops etc. are far more accepting and helpful towards us girls so there are far less barriers and prejudice than in the past. So do try to relax.

That said you’ll still very occasionally get a few idiots out there who like to have a go but they are extremely rare jerks but beware they do still exist.  But in any case who cares about what people say its more about what you think. Times have changed so much, we live in an era now that enables you to enjoy what you want to do and providing you are not hurting or offending anyone personally then enjoy the experience.

What you wear is also important. You have to feel confident in the outfit you have selected. It shouldn't get in the way on this night of enjoyment.  Looking overtly ‘tarty’ might be a fantasy of yours but it’s not really ideal on a first occasion going out. You will need to feel as relaxed as possible, bearing in mind everything I have stated previously.

Suitable shoes are very important you may be able to walk around the house in 5 inch heels for a few minutes but when you get past 100 metres you will wish those little 3 inch kitten heels were with you. Eventually if you are not used to spending several hours in heels your calves will collapse and you will lose your balance and end up be staggering around. They are just not used to it so as a precaution it's always a good idea to take a pair of flats with you.

Consider taking a handbag with you, this always helps in emphasising that you are a woman out in public. Your handbag should contain a little bit of make-up, lipstick, and mascara, spare false eyelashes and glue if wearing them and maybe a small bottle of  perfume. It’s always handy to have your telephone, some cash especially if you are brave enough to venture into a café or bar for a drink while out.

Shape-wear is important for the look but remember you will be wearing it for two or three hours at least so lighter support rather than a heavy boned corset is better. Finally a coat covers a lot of things so it’s always good to wear a light Mac.  Women’s clothes generally are not as warm as men’s so a warmer coat or even a fur, especially in winter is also a good choice.
So now you are ready for the off, and probably butterflies in your stomach but the thrill, excitement and adrenaline is wonderful and like no other experience you will have had previously. 


You can do all this on your own of course but you’ll need to plan ahead, plan where you’re going, maybe arrange to meet someone but always first and foremost ensure it’s safe or another option is to maybe just visit a T-Girl venue.


Alternatively enjoy an escorted ‘STEPPING OUT’ with me. Every location, walk and venue I use are safe and friendly. My Evening Stepping Out walks are all safe and many are discrete locations, perfectly for your debut going out


On your return home you will be exhilarated at the experience and on a real high. Taking your clothes and make-up off will be a bit of a horrible come down but just relax and remind yourself of what a great experience you’ve just had and an opportunity to do it again another time when the urge takes you.