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June 2019

June Calendar Girl 2019.jpg

Our Calendar Girl this month is the gorgeous Kellie.


The lovely Kellie has become a fairly frequent visitor to my Lipstick Boudoir this year. Initially for a full dressing & makeover day including 'Stepping Out'. You can view some of the super photos taken on the day in Kellie's Gallery above.  

Kellie particularly loves to take full advantage of any available opportunity she gets to glam up for a night out on the town, particularly in Bournemouth.

On these occasions she visits me for a Makeover & Go. 


In this particular Calendar Girl photo Kellie is only very slightly toned down for one of her evening trips into town, only because of not wanting to grab to much 'unwanted' attention. Nevertheless, still looking amazing in wild animal print, low heeled black leather boots comfortable enough to walk in and yet still super sexy.


I'm sure you'll all agree Kellie looks so naturally feminine, gaining her confidence every time as she passes in public with a fair amount of ease.

You can see more of the fabulous Kellie in her galleries  here at Transvista.

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