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About Kelaya

Name: Kelayla James


Hometown: Bournemouth, England

                   United Kingdom


Occupation: Transvestite Beautician and Glamour Model - Transvista Lipstick Boudoir


Height: 5'8"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Measurements: 36"- 28"- 36" (UK)


Skirt Size: 8 -10 (UK)


Blouse: 14/16 (UK)

Dress size: Medium 10-12 (UK)

Shoe size: 8 (UK)


Favourite Style: Classy & Demure, High Glam, Secretarial, Femme Fatale, Blond Diva & Retro.

I'm a Glamorous, elegant, classy and  sexy transvestite with a naturally feminine disposition and poise. 

My feminine appearance and demeanor is very important to me and something I take great pride in.  Hopefully you'll agree with what you see.


I live in Bournemouth on the South coast of England, where I have a comfortable, cosy bijou apartment  which is just five minutes away far from the sea.

I'm very slim as my statistics above show and am, completely smooth all over. I'm 5'8'' tall with beautiful blue eyes.  Usually I'm blonde although occasionally change my hairstyle and sometimes my shade of blonde. I'm a happy, kind and considerate 'girl' who's affectionate as well as very bubbly very with a friendly personality and I love to smile.

I consider myself a T-Girl bordering on the realms of pre-op shemale as I'm pretty well a 24/7 'girl' these days. My 'Dressing and Make-Over Service' demands this of me but what a pleasant demand it is.

I'm very much a glamour girl with a slight difference to gender girls but have no intention of having any GRS as I much prefer being just the way I am.

So much has changed for me within the past year or so, I'm now living life to the full these days and loving every minute of it. I have fully embraced the way I am. Being Kelayla 24/7 is my ultimate goal and I have virtually almost achieved that. My Dressing and Make-Over Service means I always have to ensure I look my best all the time and therefore am very fortunate because I'm usually dolled up every day.


It can sometimes be fairly tough being a full on T-Girl though, especially as the world in general still doesn't fully accept what I would consider to be the 'third gender'. Bigotry, animosity and acceptance of girls like me is still out there unfortunately. But I simply adore glamming it up to the nines and getting out and about whenever I can, although sometimes I obviously have to dress down a bit, especially if doing mundane everyday things such as shopping etc

A ' Girl' can't live on just looking attractive and sexy alone.

Generally my look is classy and stylish or just down right sexy or both as I pay particular attention to every detail of my feminine appearance. I guess I do take more time to look good possibly more so than many gender women in this day and age as perfecting ones change in gender appearance or alter-ego isn't something that's achieved overnight.


A girl like me really does have to look her best, I'm happy with the way I am and  think I have perfected the female form I am most comfortable with and hopefully you'll enjoy what you see through out my website.


I love wearing satin blouses, satin or leather skirts, tight leather trousers or shiny leggings. I love latex and pvc especially when creating a more fetish look from time to time. I also like slinky tops, as well as cocktail and party dresses and club wear.

High heels (obviously) especially stilettoes, long leather boots, sexy macs and furs.

With regard to lingerie I adore silk and satin with a trimming of fine lace. I usually compliment my outfits with some classy costume jewellery, diamante earrings and necklaces as well as chunky beads and bracelets. Anything sparkly usually grabs my attention if I'm out shopping.


I enjoy evenings out, love being wined and dined and also enjoy clubbing, particularly dancing although 'killer heels' can be a bit of a challenge at times on the dance floor. I also love those more intimate cosy evenings in, especially relaxing watching a good movie or just cuddling up on the sofa listening to music. I have a varied taste from Latin American, soul a bit of rock and some pop music. As for films I like anything from camp Ealing comedies to action movies and thrillers as well as anything with Steve Coogan in it aka Alan Partridge. I don't take drugs as I like to look after myself,keep myself fit and maintain my femme body.


My biggest penchant I guess is Shopping! Clothes shopping that is, not food shopping.........simply love it doesn't every girl? Especially High Street browsing for that bargain and mooching through department stores and small fashion boutiques. Also I spend far too much time on the QVC channel as well as EBay... LOL!  Just lately I have discovered ASOS are pretty good as well as Honour and Westward Bound for a bit of fun fetish attire. *smile*


I do hope you enjoy my website, which is updated and run my me personally.

All emails requesting information or queries regarding my Dressing and Makeover Service or Items for sale are always answered by me personally. Polite courteous general emails are always very welcome and usually will receive a reply even if not expected.









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