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Kelayla's Transvista




I'm sure nobody will disagree with me that Kelayla is amazing with the range of quality outfits she stocks and the variety of settings in which she manages to stage her 'models' in her relatively small apartment. This, together with her unique make-up talent and 'eye' for detail, ensures the very high quality of all her photography, which is always so fresh and vibrant.It is not surprising that she has a very loyal following that is growing. I have never returned for a second time anywhere before, but I have now completed 4 visits and will be doing more...... and there are girls who have already returned 6 times!!! That speaks for itself.



My first ever makeover/photo-shoot, a full day of girly fun with the most wonderful host and and artist a perfectionist and thank you for showing me who i really am and making my day truly memorable. Since posting some of the photos you took of me my inbox has been full of lovely messages with the words describing me as beautiful and glamorous. I had to stop for a moment when reading the messages to catch my breath as you have just literately lifted me into a completely different world. You are so kind and considerate I don't think you actually realise how you made a girl like me become beautiful both inside and out so thank you from the heart darling. You poppet really are one in million and i'm so lucky to call you my friend Hugs and kisses Cindy xxx



Kelayla is a warm,kindhearted, understanding,very gifted and talented girl. She was the right woman for turning my fantasy into reality and even far beyond that. At first I was a tiny bit nervous (I hadn't met her before) but the moment she welcomed me I felt totally relaxed. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to you all. Thanks K for making my day a super one not to be forgotten for the rest of my life. XXX



What a fabulous day! If you are thinking of a makeover go and see Kelayla - she created a whole new look for me. Not only is she is very good at what she does, she is also so easy to get on with - makes the day a whole lot of fun!



Another fantastic day with Kelayla - gorgeous gurl with a real skill for creating sexy ladies. Highly recommend a visit to Kelayla's Lipstick Boudoir 💋



I have been visiting Kelayla from 2018 and it is no understatement to say that Kelayla has transformed my life and really made me become the girl of my dreams! We've become life long friends and I now even help Kelayla out with running Transvista. I cannot recommend K highly enough and you will have a fab girlie day xxx



Thank you so much again Kelayla, I had a fabulous day and couldn't believe the results. Love the pictures and I can't wait to see you again in the New Year.  Thank you again for being so kind and loving, take care.  Lots of hugs Anna xxx



Following a makeover/photoshoot, 9 hours of girly fun, the results are quite simply OUTSTANDING and quite blow me away; If I didn't know it was me, I would be seriously in love, so it's your fault that I will just have to settle for you instead! And that is a very tempting thought.............. One thing I have noticed is the difference in my interaction with the camera between the first outfit and the second. With the first I was positively flamboyant, matching the slightly racy ensemble... the short leather pencil skirt and spotty satin blouse was a brilliant selection of yours. Whilst with the more traditional lilac dress, nonetheless very lovely, I was rather more demure. The third dress was just right for the trip down to the beach in the coolness of the evening, and you took some lovely shots in the chine. All in all to die for, and I'm steadily uploading them to Flickr, where they are being overwhelmingly received.



Recently visited Kelayla. See my pics for the results. Well worth the money. You won't regret paying Kelayla a visit.



Kelayla is a delightful T-girl, who quickly puts you at ease, listens to your preferred desires and is very attentive in her make-up application and enthusiastic in offering different looks and styles from her vast and wonderful wardrobe. Thanx again

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