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The Ultimate Drag Queen Look

Life might be a bit drab at times but it's never a Drag with Kelayla

Don't you just love that gorgeous Drag Queen look? Big Hair! Long Voluminous Lashes! Heavy precisely defined make-up, Pouty Painted Lips.

In addition to my Dressing, Makeover and Glamour service at my 'Lipstick Boudoir' I also specialise in providing you with that ultimate DRAG QUEEN look.

Drag queens have started various trends from makeup to even their own slang. It's a particular look and style that has become increasingly popular as well.

A lot of the current makeup trends that can be seen on various media sites such as You Tube and Instagram etc. actually originated from the lovely queens themselves. The wonderful creativity expressed through their art has influenced people to test their own creative boundaries. 

Makeup is a real art form, but also fun, allowing us to express ourselves in a unique and inspiring way. Drag queens have evolved their various techniques, you'll rarely see one Queen look the same as another. You'll discover this is also the case at my Lipstick Boudoir when you come for one of my Special Drag days.

Become a stunningly gorgeous Dream Queen.

Maybe a little OTT and certainly all drama and lots of Fab Drag.

Without giving to many of my secrets away as with most artistes; I specialise in various make-up techniques for that classic 'Drag Look' such as contouring, baking, overdrawn lips and cut creasing.

Your look is completed with a fabulous selection of gowns, amazing costume jewellery and of course a vast array sexy heels to complete your amazing transformation from Drab to glamorous Drag Queen

Prices are the same as my usual Option A, 3 hour

dressing and makeover appointment or

Option B, 5 to 6 hour dressing and makeover


Contact Kelayla to book your appointment

or Telephone: 01202 757547 or 07934 085480

I do not accept Text messages on these numbers

Some of my lovely girls who wanted a taste of glamour and that wonderful Drag Queen experience. Don't they just look fabulous !
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