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This sample collection is taken from some of the 250 or so photographs and Video montage, showcasing highlights of the unforgettable day I recently spent with a gorgeous girl and makeup artiste extraordinaire, down in Bournemouth.


On one of the hottest and days of the late summer, I set off from home with a lightness of heart and a spring in my step, to travel south, the 90 miles to the coast.


As I drew nearer to the sea, so I met increasing traffic holdups ; the last stirrings of the summer holiday 'bucket and spade' brigade... mum, dad and the kids, who all had the same idea... well not exactly... they were off to play on the beach, whilst I was playing 'make believe' indoors with Kelayla.


We did venture outside once the heat of the day had subsided, turning the heads of passing drivers, pedestrians and holiday makers alike, as we progressed down to the beach through the magical Alum Chine.


At the beach, having done our duty as honorary lifeguards (picture pinup baywatch babes), we relaxed over a hot coffee and chocolate at the Vesuvio beachside restaurant, watching the sun set over the horizon.


The day passed all too quickly and it was after 9pm that I set off for home; it would have been lovely to have been able to linger longer, but I had a cat waiting at home, who also needed my attention.


But maybe, next time.... who knows

Love Julie xxx