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Makeover and Go !

For you 'Girls' who might be off out for the evening I also offer a makeover only service as well as manicure. For this service payment should be made in advance of your arrival. Please note this is non-refundable but you have the option of re-scheduling as shown in the cancellations section.

See below for Prices



Full makeover ONLY - £75.00 (** No Dressing Service) EVENINGS ONLY

This includes false eyelashes and application of nail varnish.  

Please allow yourself enough time for this as your makeover can usually take an hour or sometimes longer.  


Manicures (in conjunction with Makeover ONLY Service above):

In addition to my Makeover Only Service I do provide manicures to complete your feminine transformation. I have a selection of wonderful false nails in varying styles, lengths and colours. I mainly use Pre-Manicured French press-on nails.


Prices start from £10.00 for French Press-ons. Please let me know your preference. This service is only available in conjunction with your Makeover. 


** No Dressing Service.  Please note once your makeover is complete. If you wish to dress at my Lipstick Boudoir with your own clothes, shoes,wig etc as part of your 'Makeover and Go' this would be an additional £20.00. For this I will assist you in getting ready. 

PHOTOS:  If you would like me to take photos this would be an additional cost of £10.00 for a maximum of 20 shots.

             CONTACT KELAYLA for your Makeover and Go:



             Tel: 01202 757547 



A £50.00 deposit is required to confirm  and  guarantee your appointment.




If you have to cancel you will not be provided a refund but providing you give me at least 48 hours notice you will then have the option to re-schedule another date. If you cancel for a second time  your deposit will NOT be transferable to another date and you will forfeit it.  Should in the unlikely event or unforseen circumstances I have to cancel then you will be provided either a full refund or the opportunity to re-schedule your appointment.

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