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Out and About with Kelayla

I love getting out and about on this page  you'll discover some of my favourite UK venues.


Love going up to the Wayout Club in London although the venue location has changed in recent years but does now at last seem settled mainly at The Minories which is where I have always associated it. Although occassionally will be at Mary Janes which I  have also enjoyed going to recently.


Manchester Gay Village: Canal Street

is certainly where it all happens. Great times here but unfortunately its such a long journey from Bournemouth.

Napoleons is one of the oldest Tranny venues around and is ok. Alter Ego is better as a club and better for dancing and Oscars is pretty cool too.

But for me i just as much enjoy strolling along and poping into all the wonderful friendly bars, restaurants and clubs. Churchills is a great pub with live mucic and fab entertainment.

Particularly like New Union and nice food in Eden which is across the bridge in Brazil Street.


Most probably my favourite venue, certainly the biggest has to be Pink Punters in Milton Keynes. Particularly the BNO which is held every second Friday of the month. Great music, lots of dancing with several bars

and comfortable areas to sit and have a natter as well. As far as hotels go if you just literally want to a short stroll in your heels then the best place to stay is

The Campanile just across the road.




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